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Whether we know it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already steeped into everyday life. It’s present in the way social media feeds are organised; the way predictive searches show up on Google; and how music services such as Spotify make song suggestions.  

The technology is also helping transform the way enterprises do business. 

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, for instance, has applied AI to analyse 200 billion data points to free up more time so its customer service officers can focus on doing exactly what their title suggests: servicing customers. As a result, the bank has seen a 400% uplift in customer engagement. 

IBM is using the technology to preserve Australia’s iconic beaches from washing away. Scientists are using the capabilities to put their time towards addressing coastal erosion, rather than on mapping it – which is very time-consuming. 

According to Data61 principal scientist in strategy and foresight Stefan Hajkowicz, AI creates a “window of problem-solving capabilities”.

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