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#Cisco just completed its massive customer conference this week, Cisco Live, where tens of thousands of Cisco’s customers descended on Las Vegas for a week of technology and parties. That seemed the perfect time for #CloudGenix, a startup founded by former Cisco engineers, to strike with a guerrilla-marketing event of their own. These engineers used to work on Cisco’s wide-area networking (WAN) products, which are routers and switches that connect a network across long distances. The one thing they didn’t plan on? Cisco’s ability to block them. The strong arm of Cisco The networking industry, dominated by Cisco, is undergoing a huge change right now called “software-defined networking,” where software is being used to set up and control computer networks. Cisco still makes most of its money selling hardware products. SDN is the most exciting thing to happen in corporate networks since, perhaps, Cisco itself was born, and networking engineers have been leaving Cisco in droves to launch new SDN startups. CloudGenix is one of those startups. It makes SDN software for WANs.

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