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#Data #storage #backup has evolved considerably over the last two decades. Tape once prevailed with organizations running full backups either every night or each week. Tape cartridge after tape cartridge would be shipped off site for that rainy day they hoped would never come. Then someone realized that full backups were mostly repeats of data previously backed up. So incrementals became popular – only backup new or changed data. That gave rise to the next logical extension – use deduplication to store one complete set of organizational data on disk (though many also kept additional tape copies offsite). As time has gone on, many shouted, “tape is dead.” Now some insist backup is dead. They claim it’s a dated technology, which can be replaced by such things as snapshots and replication. So, does backup have a future? And if so, what is it? What role will backup play in the enterprise, where is it irreplaceable? “Backup has evolved greatly from the days when we used to just copy data to a tape and send the tape off to a vault,” said David King, Director of Solutions Marketing, Commvault.

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