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The rising demand for AI-based solutions and platforms, and the need to analyze large and complex data sets are expected to drive the growth of the enterprise AI market. The slow digitization rate, affecting the adoption of enterprise AI solutions in the emerging economies, is expected to act as the major restraint for the market growth. In the enterprise AI market, the cloud deployment type offers multiple benefits, such as reduced operational and maintenance costs, fewer complexities, and more scalability. The enterprise AI providers are focusing on the deployment of robust cloud-based solutions for their clients, as many organizations have started adopting the cloud-based deployment type. Additionally, the cloud deployment type is user-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to access. The enterprise #AI market by technology is subsegmented into #machinelearning and #deeplearning, and Natural Language Processing ( #NLP). Among these, the machine learning and deep learning segment is expected to have the larger market size during the forecast period. The machine learning and deep learning technology offers the most robust methodology to tap into the area of context that involves human-computer interactions, and provides close predictions based on the past data. This technology is useful in enterprises for automating the business operations. The report includes the study of the key players offering enterprise AI solutions, hardware, and services. @IBM (US), @Microsoft (US), @AWS (US), @Intel (US), @Google (US), @SAP (Germany), @Sentient Technologies (US), @Oracle (US), @HPE (US), and @Wipro (India) are a few companies that have been profiled in the report.

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