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Want a job in the IT industry? If you’ve got experience working with #OpenStack, landing that next position ought to be no problem. But how do you gain OpenStack skills and keep them sharp? In addition to the official project documentation, in-person and online training and certification programs, printed guides and books, there are also a number of great community-created resources. Every month we bring together the best of these for you into one handy package. Here’s what we found recently. TripleO is a tool within the OpenStack umbrella that is used for installing, upgrading, and managing OpenStack clouds using some of the same services that sit within the cloud itself. When using TripleO to deploy OpenStack, sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out why something didn’t happen as you expected it to if you don’t know the right places to look. In this guide from Arie Bregman, learn how to debug a TripleO overcloud deployment failure. OpenStack and various container management tools are intermingled in many ways. Kolla is a project which provides “production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds” and getting started with Kolla is easy with this guide from Saverio Proto. Skydive is an open source tool for analyzing how your network is set up, both in term of protocols and topology, in real time. It can be a helpful tool for debugging issues with your OpenStack cloud’s networking setup. Learn the basics of both the command-line client and the web interface in this handy guide to tracking service function chaining with Skydive from Bernard Cafarelli. OpenStack and OpenDaylight are often deployed together, the latter providing important networking capabilities which your cloud can utilize. OpenDaylight’s Virtual Tenant Network is a tool that allows for a multi-tenant virtual network on a software-defined networking (SDN) controller. Learn how to configure your OpenStack cloud to make use of OpenDaylight VTN Manager in this guide from Vinoth Kumar Selvaraj

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