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Three dimensions are better than two. I’ve read recently that the same forces that drove the amazing skylines of New York City upwards are operating in the opposite direction in hyper-dense London, driving a wave of underground home extensions and making “Swiss cheese” of the city’s most exclusive streets. I see the same forces at work on a more modest scale in my own neighborhood in California, as people add second stories to older houses. It’s basically the same phenomenon – squeezing more capacity from the same sliver of real estate. When #Samsung Electronics announced in 2013 it had begun mass production of the first three-dimensional #VerticalNAND ( #V-NAND) flash chips, many heralded this as a major breakthrough for a technology running up against severe scaling limits in the world of 2D, or planar, #NAND. Since the introduction of NAND flash products in the early ’90s, successive waves of innovation have enabled manufacturers to increase density in two dimensions of the same-sized silicon wafer while steadily lowering cost per gigabit.

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