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We live in a world that is driven by information. There is literally a flood of information flowing into our organizations today. It is known as big data. Traditional database software no longer has the capacity to manage this immense volume of data. Thankfully, innovators have come up with new database software that can store, manage and disseminate this data. This software makes it necessary for database administrators(DBAs) and application developers to learn new skills so that they can manage them.  What is this new database software technology? Traditionally, we used relational databases to store and manage data. These database systems relied on a Structured Query Language (SQL) framework to accomplish this. Examples of these database software are #Microsoft Access, #MySQL and #Oracle RAC. Since the emergence of big data, relational database software’s are getting phased out. This is because it is inefficient to organize big data into the structured tables used in this type of database software. Only small and medium amounts of data can be organized into this structured format. The immense volume of big data would take forever to organize in this way. Therefore, traditional database software is not scalable enough to handle big data. For this purpose, #NoSQL database software was invented.

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