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While examples of artificial intelligence are numerous across business, AI is still often perceived to be a nascent, still emerging force.

In fact, AI is widely deployed. It is critical to the tech platforms of many businesses, across finance and retail and healthcare and media. AI and deep learningexamples are so myriad, in fact, that choosing the representative AI example below was a matter of picking among the excess.

While the examples of AI below are very different from one another, they all share one common trait: the more data they are fed, the more they learn. That’s the very essence of artificial intelligence: a software system that learns based on input. That’s the key difference between Big Data analytics and AI: Big Data can scan data and reveal trends, but AI can do this and also adapt in response to input.

Examples of AI: AI Across Sectors

The following example of artificial intelligence are leading the market – companies adopting AI in the years ahead will likely look to the examples below.

Siri and Alexa

The challenge with voice-activated assistants – which play an ever growing role in business – is that they need to actually understand human speech. Even harder: they need to actually understand humans.

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